Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great warranty service: Classic Accessories

About two years ago, we bought a Weber Genesis gas grill. At the same time, we bought a Weber grill cover, but when I got home, I saw that the reviews for the Weber cover weren’t great. I returned the Weber cover and bought a Classic Accessories medium BBQ cover, which was less expensive and had better reviews.

It was a perfect fit and looked good on our deck. For two years, we were completely happy with it. But this spring, when we moved the grill outside, we noticed that the fabric had become brittle, and it started tearing from normal handling.

I looked up the warranty information, expecting it to be a one-year warranty. To my pleasant surprise, it was a three-year warranty, so my cover was still eligible for replacement. But here’s the best part: Instead of having to pack up and return the damaged cover, costing me time and money, I could submit a claim simply by emailing the warranty form and a digital photograph of the damage. Outstanding!

That’s what I did, and two weeks later, I received a new grill cover. No hassle. I wish everyone would handle warranty claims this way.

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