Sunday, August 7, 2011

K-Cups for cats

I recently got the Spousal Unit a Keurig B40 coffee maker for her birthday. This machine uses single-serving K-Cup coffee cups. So far, we’re really enjoying the setup, and we’re drinking too much coffee due to the novelty. I’ll probably write up some more thoughts on the machine and system later.

This morning, however, we realized that the K-Cup system is currently lacking beverage options that appeal to our three cats. I decided to spend a dreary Sunday designing a few new flavors.

Donut Mouse

Before I retired, I loved stopping at my local Donut Mouse on the way to work. A dish of mellow coffee with cream and sugar, and a freshly killed mouse or two was the perfect start to my day. Now I can enjoy the same great taste at home! – Spider

Green Eye

When I wake up, I has a grumpy. Nothing gets me going like an intense 8-oz bowl of Green Eye Wake-up Blend. It’s as dark as Basement Cat’s soul. Green Eye gives me the jolt I need to get started on a long day of grooming and napping. – Fat Peppy

Morning Dove

I’ve always thought a freshly-caught bird is the best way to start the day. But it’s hard to get the energy to catch one myself before I’ve had my morning coffee, you know? That’s why Morning Dove Breakfast Blend is my coffee of choice. – Puffy Jack

Catnip Tea

I was raised in a tea-drinking household. For me, nothing livens up an afternoon like 100% catnip tea. My choice is Purrfect Afternoons. The catnip really gets me going, and unlike competing blends that let you down easy, when the buzz wears off, I’m out for the rest of the day. I can nap until dinnertime! – Bucky


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