Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shake reduction before/after

After initially posting yesterday’s blurred-by-camera-shake photo, I updated the post with a version processed with Photoshop CC’s “Shake Reduction” filter. But most people just saw one version or the other, and even people who saw both probably couldn’t compare them head-to-head. So I thought it might be interesting to post a direct comparison.

Please remember that I’m a total Photoshop n00b, and I didn’t spend much time on this. I’m sure it’s possible to obtain better results. Also, keep in mind that I used a layer mask to restrict the sharpening to the statue and his pedestal, since the building and shop window were (intentionally) somewhat out of focus anyway.

One Shot #8 | DogOriginal (Click for 1000x750 pixel version)

One Shot #8 | DogSharpened (Click for 1000x750 pixel version)

MorleyComparisonSide-by-side detail (original right, 100% pixels when you click through)

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