Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hanging On | 28 | 2.8 | #33

Hanging On | 28 | 2.8 | #33

Today I walked the nearby Path of the Flood Trail from Ehrenfeld to the Conemaugh Viaduct overlook, and back. It was my first time on these sections of the trail.

I was unimpressed with the Ehrenfeld to South Fork part of the trail in its current state. It’s poorly marked and muddy, and the view consists mainly of invasive knotweed corpses. On the way back, I skipped the trail and walked along the street instead.

The trail is excellent from South Fork to the viaduct overlook (and, I presume, beyond). It is well graded and dry, with a gravel surface, benches, and interpretive signs.

When I reached the viaduct, I was lucky to catch an 8-locomotive Norfolk Southern train crossing the structure:



Falls near South Fork trailhead

Skunk cabbage



Captain’s Log: Supplemental

Late additions from yesterday:


Cherry blossoms, pickup truck, Edgar Snyder
Blossoms, pickup truck, Edgar Snyder

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