Friday, March 2, 2012

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My friend “The Circumstance” bought a house today. There was beer.

Homepwner | 28 | 2.8 | #10

This morning, there was a heavy frost on the ground, under clear skies. I stopped at the Johnstown Flood National Memorial to photograph on my way to work. The memorial is the site of the dam that failed in 1889, killing over 2,200 people. I parked at the South Abutment just as the sun was rising, and mist was floating over the Little Conemaugh River. The morning was fun to photograph, but challenging. The clear skies made it hard to control the contrast between the skies and the shaded river valley, and I wasn’t carrying a tripod for long exposures of the rushing river. There was one factor operating in my favor: It was Casual Friday at work, so at least I was wearing trail shoes!


Morning mist




Sorry, Katie… Still 100% cat-free! (Afelinical?)

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