Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Basic Instructions on Brian May, Ph.D.

One of my favorite web comics, Scott Meyer’s Basic Instructions, just covered a topic near and dear to my heart:


(Click through for the full comic.)

When I was in graduate school, around 2003, Wal Sargent came into our office, and the following dialog ensued:

Wal: Have any of you gentlemen heard of a rock-and-roll band called “Queen?”

Us: Um, yeah.

Wal: I have not. However, the guitarist, Brian May, will be in the area, and has requested a tour of Palomar Observatory. Would any of you be interested in giving him a tour?

Us: Yes.

Alas, none of us ever got to give now-Dr. May his tour. My understanding is that my advisor (who added a “guitar room” to his home around that time) had the privilege.

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