Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My neutrons bring all the boys to the yard

Sometimes I miss Atherton Hall. Schreyer Honors College to auction off dates for charity:

Roommates Hannah Spece (freshman-nuclear engineering) and Uma Pattarkine (freshman-finance) will be auctioned off together.

“I like that all the proceeds are going to the Susan G. Komen foundation,” Spece said. “It’s also cool because we plan on walking in to the song ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis.”

That’s the most authentically Athertonian quote I’ve seen in the Daily Collegian since 1994, when Stan Briczinski (freshman-physics) said:

Blackouts are awesome. We should have them more often.

I met the Spousal Unit during that power failure, so who am I to disagree? (We started dating six years later, after we moved three time zones apart.)

Anyway, we also learn something about pricing:

“I got dragged into it by my friends and I thought the cause was nice,” [Hirsh Sharma (sophomore-premed)] said. “I’m not really planning on bidding, but if I was, I would bid somewhere between $30 and $40.”

Perhaps by signaling his intent to bid up to $40, he will discourage the $30 bidders from attending, and win a date at a lower price. But is his signal credible?

Edited to correct Stan's quote.

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