Friday, October 29, 2010

Spelling lesson: The right tool for the job

This one gets screwed up a lot, even by people who should know better.


vice grip

Vise-Grip roach

HTH. Happy Friday.


  1. But as your table shows, Vise-Grip is a Trademark. Kobalt can't infringe on that exact name, but they can name their similar product with a name that sounds the same so people understand what they're buying. :)


  2. Yeah, I almost put something in the post about that. Since the purpose of trademark protection is to prevent consumer confusion, I doubt that Lowes/Kobalt would be on solid legal ground by using a homophonous name for their tool. I'm going with the "some data loader f'd up, used a trademark he shouldn't, and accidentally misspelled it" hypothesis.


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