Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 Things I’ve Done That You Probably Have Not

Based on John Scalzi's list, with the same caveats.

  1. Skipped an art history lecture to have ice cream with Whit Diffie.
  2. Been run off the sidewalk by Stephen Hawking. I have no idea how he got a license to drive that chair.
  3. Seen the aurora borealis and Omega Centauri from the same place.
  4. Helped a town clean up after a tornado.
  5. Put an endangered Whooping Crane in a headlock.
  6. Attended the U.S. Space Academy (“Space Camp”).
  7. Appeared on the Discovery Channel.
  8. Been administered Immunoglobulin G.
  9. Watched a SpaceShipOne launch from the back yard. On my birthday.
  10. Drove my car stupid fast on an abandoned WW2 airstrip, with grass growing through the pavement and cattle wandering across the course.

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