Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A very special episode of Hoarders…

or: The article that didn’t bark

The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat reported a fire at the home of Chandan Vora yesterday:

A Johnstown firefighter was injured battling a fire Monday that caused heavy damage to the basement of a home on the 500 block of Robb Avenue in Kernville.

The article is straight reporting, notable only for what it lacks: There is no mention that Dr. Vora is a notorious local hoarder. The T-D has previously covered her exploits with zeal, publishing photographs:

and a chronology:

1996: Vora is found guilty of harassment after making more than 100 calls to Cambria County 911. She was charged after calling dispatchers to report the theft of half an onion from her Kernville apartment.

Mentioning Dr. Vora’s history would have provided helpful context to the unfortunate events that transpired during the fire:

The firefighter was injured when he fell while crawling over articles inside the home, he said.

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